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April 14th, 2006

Selling Food on TV

So I know that shopping channels have been around on TV forever. That’s fine. But something I don’t quite get about them is the fact that they sell food.

Take QVC, for instance. A few nights ago – I’m not ashamed to admit I watched – they were selling lots of food. Hot dogs with condiments at something like $2/each shipped. 8″ cheesecake for $40. Steaks. Coffee cakes. You name it, it’s probably being sold. But the demos? They were awful.

For the coffee cakes, in particular, the demos were making me not want coffee cake. In an effort to demonstrate how moist these particular cakes were, the company guy was breaking chunks of the cake off and then – I kid you not – squeezing and ripping them apart in his hands. His hands, with dirty fingernails. His hands, which looked like they worked with Fords all day. There he was, mangling and manhandling a coffee cake. And I’m supposed to want that?

Seinfeld had a bit on cooking shows saying he didn’t quite understand them. “Well, here it is. You can’t have any. Good bye.” The same goes for buying food on TV, to me. It seems like a silly practice, particularly when you’ve got guys with dirty fingernails squishing coffee cake.

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