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April 16th, 2006

My Deodorant Spoke to Me

This past week, in a buying frenzy, I purchased Degree deodorant. Now, as you know, men’s deodorant is now not just a way to keep your underarms dry; it’s a way to express your masculinity. Somehow.

Anyway, I opened up a stick of Degree and was surprised to see lettering on top of the cake. It said, simply, “LIVE LIFE.” All caps.

The first thought that came to my mind was this. I have a feeling that the next stick of Degree will say “RELAX DON’T DO IT” or maybe “GET A WOMAN IN THE SACK” or “YOU’RE A MAN!!!!” or something similarly lame. In any case, it’s telling that Degree’s text-on-a-cake is about as important and lasting in my mind as a short-lived, oft-parodied 80s fashion trend.

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