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May 22nd, 2006

The Chicken Bowl

So a few nights ago, my wife asked me if I had seen a commercial for KFC’s new product: the Chicken Bowl. I hadn’t, so I answered truthfully. She then told me about this new product… and I think you need to hear about it.

It’s served up in a typical plastic bowl, and it has layers of food in it. The bottom layer is mashed potatoes. Not bad so far, right? Right. The next layer is corn. Lots of people like to mix their corn with their mashed potatoes, so this makes sense.

On top of that, popcorn chicken. All right… now it’s officially a chicken bowl, right? Right! But wait! No! There’s more. On top of the chicken? Gravy.

At this point, I think most normal adults would think, “That’s a heck of a bowl. That’s a lot of food, and densely-packed at that!” But KFC didn’t stop there, oh no. They topped the whole thing off… with cheese.

So, again, that’s mashed potatoes, corn, popcorn chicken, gravy, and cheese. In a bowl. Probably $4 or so.

I’m really, really surprised at the restraint shown here – they could have gone all the way and deep fried the thing, and served it in a tote bag. Taco Town! Disgusting.

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