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June 23rd, 2006

Rags to Riches

I know you’ve been sitting at home thinking, “My, life is good. But you know what? Something’s missing. Something feels wrong, but I’m not sure what it is.” Well, I’m here to tell you I’ve found what’s missing in your life and the solution to the problem.

Rags to Riches is now available on DVD. Sure, it’s just someone who painstakingly recorded their VHS tapes to DVD, but still, it’s available. All 20 episodes of this mediocre 80s sitcom for a mere $110!

You can thank me later.

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FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday June 23, 2006 -- 10:14:59 am
(I just noticed this thread had a discussion of Rags to Riches where I said, "I remember I really liked that one..." So I may have to eat my snarky "mediocre sitcom" comment.)

FROM: Maria
DATE: Friday June 23, 2006 -- 11:28:54 am
Screech t-shirt or Rags to Riches DVDs...what to do, what to do?

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday June 23, 2006 -- 12:33:57 pm
You know, with the advent of the iTunes Music [sic] Store selling TV shows... a few old ones... it would be just awesome for a production company to put all of their archives up there. I mean, I could justify paying $2 a pop now and then to view some old shows.

I'll get right on it.

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