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June 24th, 2006

So Hot, It’s Cool

On our earth, millions of people don’t have indoor plumbing, paved roads, a stable government, or refrigerators.

But who cares? We’ve got cupholders that heat and cool beverages!

It’s a totally first-world and kind of “only in America” thing, but the idea of being able to keep a beverage hot or cool whilst driving is an interesting one. I admit, I kind of like it. Shouldn’t all cupholders do this?

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FROM: Aanen
DATE: Saturday June 24, 2006 -- 2:12:41 pm
Another expensive piece of electronics to go bad.

FROM: Cosmo Leen
DATE: Saturday June 24, 2006 -- 10:29:56 pm
I have left foam cups with iced drinks in my car overnight and found there was ice in the drink the next morning. Is this like heated seats so you can drive nude in Duluth, Minn. in the winter? I had an eighties Volvo with some of the air from the ac going through the glove box which would cool drinks left in the glove box. If people buy four wheel drive so they can spend twice as much on a car so they can have a car that once a year can make it to places that are closed they will buy anything. Look up Thorstein Bunde Veblen. His Theory of the Leisure Class was dead on a century ago.

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