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July 19th, 2006

Digital Photo Organization

I’m curious: how do your organize your digital photos. They can grow unwieldy quite quickly without a good scheme. Personally, I use folders dated by the date I transfer the pictures (2006-07-19 format for easy sorting) and then use Picasa to browse them. I’ve also used Adobe Photoshop Album, which is quite nice. I find this method lets me keep things structured based on a timeline, which is how I tend to think.

What do you use? iPhoto? One of the programs mentioned above? Do you keep all your photos sitting on your desktop? Or maybe you use the app that came with your camera (you’d be the first!).

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 9:54:33 am
I use iPhoto (yep, I sure do!) which organizes the actual folders on the hard drive by year, month, and day. iPhoto ain't perfect, but the price was/is reasonable for what it does.

FROM: marc b. [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 1:24:19 pm
I sort my by a mix of date/event.

I've got folders called: "Photos2004", "Photos2005", etc.

Within those folders I have additional folders that hold batches of images. Those folders are labeled things like "Marcsbirthday" or "boccefinalsdec2005".

I've recently changed my naming structure of the folders to "20060716boccematch", "20060610parkouting", etc. (basically, structuring the name of the folder as "year/month/day/event".

I change the view of my Windows XP browser depending on the info I need (be it thumbnails, full info or just file names).

I've been using this method since I started taking digital photos in 2000. I've had no problems with it at all.

FROM: COD [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 1:58:03 pm
I use the app that came with the camera (Kodak) to transfer the files, then I do everything else in Picassa. If all the pictures are from a particular event, I'll rename the folder to reference the event, otherwise I just leave it with the date as the name. Current year pics are on my wife's computer, the archives (2005-2001) are on a 2nd hard drive in my son's computer.

Moving the old pics to the backup drive screws up my backup system though, as that drives primary job is to backup important stuff from the other 3 computers in my house. I also burn each years pictures to CD for back up purposes.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Wednesday July 19, 2006 -- 2:52:04 pm
I use to use Adobe Photoshop but now I use Photo impression it came with my Treo 650. It is a little complicated but it does have a lot of cool features.

I don’t take a lot of digital pictures but I have folders for the year the picture was taken then I have folders with folders. In those folders I name the event and the date “11202002 car accident” “2006 Lauryl & Hardy” It makes a lot easier then trying to remember an evet.

Lauryl & Hardy are brother and sister cats born on July 04, 1999.

DATE: Thursday July 20, 2006 -- 3:16:26 pm
I organize mine by place or event, whether it is at school or new years or someones party because i usually take about 10 per evnt or something.

FROM: Adam [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday July 23, 2006 -- 1:02:35 am
Surprised no one has said it yet, but I use Picasa. I think Adobe Photoshop Album actually does a better job organizing photos, but Picasa has so many more nice features, such as the ability to email photos directly from the app using my Gmail account, the ability to upload photos to web albums, and the ability to upload directly to Shutterfly, Winkflash, Walmart or whomever I would like to print my photos.

It's also a great app to pass on to mothers and the like who have a camera, but aren't very tech savvy. Anyone can use it with very little teaching.

FROM: Adam [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday July 28, 2006 -- 1:18:51 am
Oops, sorry COD. I just saw that you did mention Picasa.

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