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July 30th, 2006

An Open Letter to the Spanish-Speaking Spammer Who Calls Our Cell Phone


Please stop it. We don’t speak Spanish, and you’re costing us minutes, even. If it’s muy importante, maybe you should check your automated system and make sure you’re dialing the right number. Comprende?



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FROM: Señor Dave Walls [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 1:10:47 am
¿Querría usted comprar algún Viagra?

FROM: jk
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 3:45:34 pm
I was just talking today about a Spanish woman named Carmen who used to mis-dial my number at least once a week, usually around dinnertime. If I didn't hear from her for a few weeks, I would get worried. I'd see her number on my phone and say "Hi Carmen" and she'd say "sorry" and hang up. I used to wonder though why she and her family would leave long messages in Spanish on my machine when my outgoing message was very much in English.

I changed my # almost 5 years ago and still wonder on occasion how she is doing.

FROM: Terry M.
DATE: Sunday July 30, 2006 -- 8:50:13 pm
As someone who's spent a lot of time in internet cafes in various Latin American countries, one thing which has never ceased to amaze me is how e-mail viruses seem to be somehow targeted towards the language. In every internet cafe there will always be a bunch signs posted saying not to open up some e-mail with a certain subject, but the subject is always in Spanish. What the heck? Does the virus somehow 'mutate' to the local language when it enters a particular country? Most use, or addresses so it's not possible to distinguish the country based on the address - it's all a techological wonder to me.

Maybe about 5% of the e-mail spam I do receive is Spanish. I also got a lot of Japanese spam, to the point where I automatically filter out messages in Japanese. For some reason, my work account gets lost of Chinese spam.

At least the Russians have the courtesy to send English spam.

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 8:58:30 am
At my summer job last year, we were hit with German spam.

FROM: Maria
DATE: Monday July 31, 2006 -- 11:37:24 am
Terry--At my work we get nearly as much Russian spam as English.

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