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July 29th, 2006


My biggest problem with online wishlists is that they limit you to other stores. Sure, there are scripts and sites that let you add items from different stores, but they tend to be tedious to use or ugly.

But now there’s Kaboodle. Kaboodle is a free site that hosts your wishlist and not only lets you add items from any store, it parses the text and grabs images automatically, so your wishlist looks more like a storefront than a random text list of items. Buyers can still “reserve” an item if they’re going to purchase it to avoid duplicates and you have complete control over what information goes into each entry.

Plus, there’s a nifty bookmarklet that makes it easy to add items whenever you spy one online. Awesome.

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FROM: Chaidrinker
DATE: Thursday August 10, 2006 -- 4:50:16 pm
This is perfect! My fiancee and I wanted to do a registry, but we didn't like the idea of forcing people to pick one store, and requesting specific things. Since we both had our own apartments, we have so much stuff already. We like the idea of using Kaboodle, requesting, say, a new toaster over, but putting a note like "any model would be great!" or "We love stainless steel for our kitchen", but then leaving it up to the purchaser to find it, pick it out, and bring it/send it. Same with towels...we really don't care what colors they are. Using kaboodle, we can write "any color, any pattern", or something.

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