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August 1st, 2006

Flushable Diapers

In researching diapers, I realized yesterday that it goes beyond just paper or plastic–er, disposable or cloth. There are green disposables from Seventh Generation. There are bazillions of cloth diapers. But now, it seems, there are flushable diapers that can even be composted (just the wet ones)!

It’s a pretty cool concept, though it might take a couple days to get used to (it requires the use of a “swish stick”). But for something that’s as convenient as a disposable diaper and as environmentally friendly as a cloth diaper, these might be hard to beat. Pricewise, I suspect they’re a little pricey, but haven’t worked out a “per-poop” cost yet, because I’m a little lazy.

Oh, and the tagline? “Fashion and function on one cute bum.” Nice.

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FROM: Maria
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 11:29:59 am
I thought I'd take a look on Amazon to see if they carry the gDiapers. Type in gDiapers and it doesn't even pull open a search results page, it's Annie's Shells & White Cheddar!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 11:59:44 am
Which is often what you'll find inside of the gDiapers...

FROM: peter
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 1:00:39 pm
u.. se the cloth diapers. better for the kid and the environement. some day when you get old and sick, somebody may be putting diapers on you.

DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 1:53:06 pm
When you factor in the detergents and water used to clean them, plus all the truck miles run up from the diaper services, I question if cloth diapers are really a net plus for the environment. And I'd be wary of flushable diapers, especially with low flow toilets Al Gore makes us use. I suspect you will be creating many new comments for the how-to-unclog-a-toilet ping.

FROM: Steve A
DATE: Tuesday August 1, 2006 -- 6:50:11 pm
Nothing quite beats the old fashioned water hose method on a day like this. Just take the rugger out, drop trou' and SPRAY. LOL.

My kids loved it, mind you~ they're a lot like me ~warped.


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