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November 5th, 2006

Dulce De Leche

While I was mighty impressed by the Neapolitan Oreo-knock offs, Oreo themselves released a “limited edition” flavor a month or two ago as well, Dulce De Leche Oreos. Before you start thinking they got all fancy, it’s basically just a caramel-flavored filling.

Really, there’s not much so say. I like the previous link’s description as “way grossfakesweet” — it’s a very unnatrual taste that’s face-scrunch inducing on the first bite. They’re perfectly edible, but they’re still at the bottom of the Oreo barrel, by far. I like caramel flavor as much as the next guy, but in an Oreo, in goo form? Not so much.

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jk November 6, 2006, 12:48 am

Ew. I do not associate Oreos with caramel.

I have been crushing Newman’s Own chocolate wafers over mint soy “ice cream”. Hot caramel topping might work in this case but I use hot fudge.

Thank God for soy dairy products!!

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