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February 6th, 2007


A few days ago Ryan and I were discussing winter… er. Wait. He did a Ping about that?


A few days ago Ryan and I were discussing words. Yes! Words! And somehow the topic of accidentally combining words came up. I then revealed to him, as I am about to reveal to you, one of my most embarrassing accidental word combinations.

My default reply to a lot of things is “Cool”. But I say “Good” a lot, too. (“I just got a Nobel Peace Prize!” “Cool.”) I want to ease up on both but I thought switching them up a bit would be a good first step. Then I noticed that my mouth wasn’t quite caught up with my brain’s plan and I started saying both in reply. Thus, “Gool.”

“And then I found five dollars!”


It sounds like “ghoul”, of course, but without the annoying silent “h”. While it isn’t the most practical word in the world it serves as a decent rejoinder. Get your day off right: use gool.

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Travis February 11, 2007, 7:55 am

This gool ping reminded me of another concept I’ve come across in my wanderings across the internet: eggcorns. Look it up in your favorite search engine… it’s basically a word or words that come to mean different things.

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