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June 29th, 2007


iTunes has gotten a lot of press recently for their $1.29 DRM-free downloads, but via some guy named Paul I stumbled across Here’s why I love ’em:

  • 88 cent DRM-free MP3s, 77 cent DRM’ed WMA
  • Full albums are $8.88 for DRM-free MP3s ($7.77 for DRM’ed WMA) – even if an album has 22 tracks, it’s still $8.88 (and less if #oftracks * .88 < $8.88)
  • Good customer service
  • Great organization of music – I found an awesome band just by browsing their unique genre breakdown
  • Good recommendations – I found another great band as a recommendation based on another artist I liked

You won’t find loads of major label stuff here, but there is a lot of great music to be had here. Dig in. I’m sure you’ll find something new that you love within a few minutes.

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Paul June 29, 2007, 9:53 pm

This is basically great. I haven’t bought anything from them just yet but any competition is good.

Paul June 29, 2007, 10:04 pm

Er, strike that – I just bought an album. Painless process, and I was impressed that the whole thing was ZIPped and ready to go! Nice!

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