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September 2nd, 2007

Ridiculously Expensive Food

Most of us have spent an insane amount of money at least once at a restaurant (for me, it was a $100 dinner for two in NYC, which I realize for some may not be considered “extravagant,” but those people are insane). But what about at home? Have you ever purchased a single ingredient that you look at and think, “Good lord, did I really need to buy that?” Like, maybe, a really fancy olive oil or some sort of truffle something-or-other?

For me, that item would be this sea salt. Yes, I actually spent $16 on a jar of salt. Is it good? Oh yeah. Is it $16 good? I don’t think any salt is. Except for gold-plated salt. But they don’t sell that.

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Aanen September 4, 2007, 12:45 pm

Try 75$ per person in Iceland! Now THAT’s expensive. But then again, what isn’t expensive over there!

Merle September 7, 2007, 6:24 pm

Don’t be so sure about gold plated salt. The Japanese probably sell it. (I’ve seen packets of tic-tac sized candies that were *each* wrapped in an individual plastic wrapper)

Aside from meats, I cannot think of any foodstuff I bought that cost over $10. Well, okay, the 50lb bag of rice, but that lasted my starving roommate and I for one horrible culinarily boring summer.

I’ve never spent over $90 on a meal for two, and was so disappointed that it was not four times better than the pretty-good meals we had had elsewhere that I generally avoid places where entrees cost over $30.

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