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October 18th, 2007

Sometimes computers make me mad.

I wrote a rather great Ping (well, great compared to the stinkers I’ve been putting out lately) and clicked “Save”. As usual. Instead of saving, I was prompted to login to the Ping’s ultrasecure computer controlling device again. I did. And whaddaya know? My Ping was gone!

How lame is that?

Worse, earlier today I was doing searches on a site I won’t name here. I’d leave my results page open for, you know, 5 or 10 minutes before wanting to refine my search. Instantly, BAM! “Your session has timed out, please search again.”

Come on folks, it’s 2007. Why do computers (websites, really) do stupid crap like that? The whole “Opps I forgot what you just typed in” dealie is worse than a session timeout. But now that Ping is lost and gone forever. Until I rewrite it for Saturday, that is.

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Dave Walls October 18, 2007, 11:04 am

Look on the brightside: It got today’s Ping AND Saturday’s Ping out of the way. Two Pings for the price of one!

….what is the price of one Ping?

Aanen October 18, 2007, 11:50 am

Are the computers really to blame when humans are the ones writing the code that the computer reads?

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