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November 16th, 2007

SimCity Got Me Again

When I was a teen I got into computer games a bit. I liked most of Sierra’s stuff, Doom, Quake (a bit – got old for me) and of course the Sim series. Through it all, SimCity held up as one of my favorites even though the first time I ever played it was on a C64 – and that version really sucked.

Nonetheless I was thrilled when I learned there was a version for the Nintendo DS. So I bought it. And now, a few months after I bought it, I’m thoroughly hooked. It plays pretty similarly to the late, great SimCity 3000 but is stripped down a bit. Plus you get to blow out fires using the DS’s built-in microphone. It’s as dorky as it sounds.

I’m fully in SimCity mode. I think about how delicate the taxes are and how if I notch the residential taxes up even just one percent, I’ll lose about 20,000 people in my city (and that’s a lot of people!) I wonder when the power plants will blow up again. I wonder if I can pull off a hip urban renewal phase even though it’s only 1949 in the game. Ah yes… it’s all coming back to me.

So much so that I’ve decided that I need to have SimCity 4 for the computer. That’ll bring my games-on-the-computer total up to 2. The other? Tetris.

Yeah, old habits die hard.

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jk November 17, 2007, 3:24 am

Schneider!! Ok, unrelated to this Ping, I know. What a great surprise. In college, my friends rented a house where the super just kept walking in.

Thanks for the multi-faceted flashback.

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