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January 14th, 2008

Convenience Foods

I can’t deny it anymore: I am a fan of some – but not all! – convenience foods.

I’m one of those yuppies who sometimes just can’t find the time to put a dinner together, or a lunch, or slice an apple. I’ve got websites to run, man!

My latest Happy Convenience Food has been pre-sliced apples from Costco. They’re organic (bonus), and are tasty (another bonus). And they’re easy, as you would expect, for me to just grab a bag and throw it in the lunch bag. Could I do that with actual apples? Sure I could. But the price works out to be about the same (as these are organic), and my time is money. I’ve got websites to run!

There are some limitations though. I’m not a fan of most “break and bake” cookies, nor the desserts-in-an-oven-ready-tray stuff. Celery is too cheap not to cut, even though I usually forget to do so. And I don’t need 100 or 200 or 90 or 50 calorie packs of anything.

But I do need Laura’s meals, pre-sliced apples, and a couple of other things. And I’m not gonna apologize for it. (At least, not until the next Ping on this subject.)

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Dave Walls January 15, 2008, 8:11 am

Hrm — I’m the exact opposite. I think the break-and-bake cookies are close enough, taste wise, to warrant their purchase. I can never get the sizing right when I scoop off the huge log of cookie dough. I get 3 monster cookies, and 12 munchkin-sized ones.

Fruit and veggies, though, I always need to buy fresh and organic. The apple core-er and slicer I’ve got does the whole thing in…5 seconds. As lazy as I am, I can usually spare 5 seconds.

I will agree that the 100-cal packs of everything are an overpriced waste. If anything, it puts my snacking into a broader perspective. (“**This** is all I get for 100 calories?!”)

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