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January 23rd, 2008

Undercover Cop Guy At Tower

The other day I was reminiscing about when I was in high school and would make the trip out to the Cherry Hill Tower Records to browse their large selection of music available on compact disc. Their prices were pretty crappy, but the fact they had a sizable hip-hop (excuse me, “Rap”) section made up for it.

Back then is not much different from today, I suppose, where anyone purchasing hip-hop is not to be trusted. See, every time I would be browsing the hip-hop section, I noticed that there was a short white guy in his mid-40s wearing an Eagles jacket also browsing. Like, everytime I was there. It was so clear this dude was an undercover cop. Besides the fact he was always there, back in 93 you just didn’t have white guys in their mid-40s browsing the rap section, looking at a copy of MC Chile & The Koncrete Jungo’s Everything You Wanted To Know About Compton…But Was Too Scared To Go There And Find Out, ya know?

One time, when I was paying for my purchase, I told the guy behind the counter, “You know, that undercover cop sticks out like a sore thumb.” The cashier looked surprised for a moment and then nodded and said, “Yeah. He does.”

I wonder what became of the guy. After browsing all that rap, did he end up going home with a copy the Chief Groovy Loo album? Is he still wearing the Eagles’ jacket? Did he ever actually catch anybody?

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Paul January 23, 2008, 9:39 pm

Maybe he’s Already Gone to the Hotel California…?

Cat January 24, 2008, 12:23 am

Dude. I’ve met you. He probably thought *you* were an undercover cop.

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