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July 19th, 2008

The Netflix Thief

Yesterday, a mail carrier rang our doorbell and handed me a ripped Netflix envelope with no DVD. “I just spotted your mail and some other people’s mail strewn about the street about a block down. This is all I found, but I wanted to get it back to you.” He then suggested that we call the postal service and file a complaint and the police to file a report, so that it was on file in case it happened again. So, I did both and called Netflix to get a replacement disc (we’re not responsible for stolen discs… awesome).

What’s interesting is that apparently, the thief was only interested in our Netflix DVD. You might be thinking, “Aren’t you worried about identity theft?” Actually, not really: he left behind my credit card statement and a few other pieces of mail in our mailbox. Weird.

Apparently this is a somewhat common occurence. I’m not terribly bothered by it, but I’m thinking I may switch the delivery to my work address and I may finally switch over to all-electronic statements for credit cards and such.

In any event, I hope the big dummy enjoys disc one of Wonderfalls.

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Steve A July 19, 2008, 10:54 pm

Another thumbs up for Netflix, I say. (I know it’s not your topic, but I’ve never had any problems with replacements, etc… easy to work with.)

Steve A

COD July 20, 2008, 12:15 am

A couple of weeks ago a DVD we sent back never made it. For all I know somebody may have taken it out of the box. When I reported it to Netflix they credited us for the DVD immediately.

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