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January 26th, 2009

Game Show Sound Effects

A couple of weeks ago I got a new cellphone that has the ability to play MP3s as ringtones. As you can imagine I was very, very tempted to set “Ice, Ice Baby” to be Ryan’s ringtone when he calls. (He never calls!) But cooler heads prevailed and I thought, hey, what about game show sound effects?

The natural conclusion was that I needed the buzzer sound from Family Feud as my default ringtone. It’s not terribly annoying, already sounds like a ringtone, and features no Beyonce. But where to get it?

Boom goes the dynamite. A treasure trove of game show sound effects from the US and around the world, all yours for the taking in WAV format – easily converted to MP3. While not everything is here the selection is very, very good.

And you know I have the Family Feud buzzer as my ringtone now. It’s all I thought it would be.

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