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March 5th, 2009

Speed Cameras

A certain famous Daily Pinger recently twittered about getting his photo taken by a speed camera in Maryland and subsequently getting a $40 ticket. Has anyone else here ever been snagged by a speed camera or a traffic camera (running a red light, say?).

I’ve had plenty of “oh shit, did I just see that traffic camera flash?” moments, but have never actually received a ticket.

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Dave Walls March 10, 2009, 6:26 pm

I just got busted for the first time for running a toll in California. Apparently, the toll lady didn’t finish the transaction before I went through, and the flash happened. Dunno if there’s any way to challenge that, considering I didn’t get a receipt for payment. Grr..

Although I’ve never gotten hit by the red light scam…er…CAM…my mom did last year in Delaware. For someone who has never gotten a ticket in all her years driving, I tend to believe her when she said it was still yellow. She was mortified to find a $75 ticket in her mailbox.

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