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March 21st, 2009

My March Madness Bracket

I was recently inspired by two things to join my company’s March Madness office pool:

1. A friend who joined his March Madness office pool and chose his winners based on a variety of wacky criteria (plushie mascots vs. non-plushies, team colors, team names, etc.)

2. That awesome episode of What’s Happening?!! where Dwayne is on fire in an NFL pool and won’t give up his magic system. Eventually, it’s revealed that he picks the teams whose helmets he likes better.

So, here’s my system:

1. Pick the team whose name is shorter in the bracket selection.

2. Of course, this ended with BYU, VCU, USC, and LSU in the final four, so for that I expanded their names and then chose based on those.

Yay for me and my no chance of winning!

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