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March 20th, 2009

A Random Humorous iTunes Review

A small part of me still wants to see Synecdoche, New York – the most recent Charlie Kaufman film – even though it got a relatively lukewarm critical reception. As iTunes just launched HD movies I figured I’d check there and see prices and so on.

The movie isn’t available to rent for another month (gah), but I did find this review of the film to be invaluable. The title is “The Worst.”

I saw it at Lincoln Plaza Center in October. It was awfffful! I cried a little (I’m 13), and who cries at a movie?

People with emotions may cry at movies. And kudos to you, a 13-year-old, for watching a freakin’ Charlie Kaufman film. Would have bored me to tears too… er, wait, what?

I did not cry because it was sad, but I felt like I would never get out of there.

You could have left, dude.

However, I did pre-order it on iTunes and will attempt to like it because I missed the last 30 minutes because I did leave…

Oh. Wait. You bought it? For $15? Even though you walked out of it? Man, I miss those days of ridiculous disposable income.

…but hopefully it will redeem itself.

It may not do so until you’re 22.

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