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May 13th, 2009

The Pain of Changing Credit Cards

A month or so ago, my credit card company sent me a new card with a new number because my old card had been compromised in a data breach along with 8 billion (give or take a 7.9 billion) others. I dread changing credit cards because it means having to alert everyone that you bill with on a monthly basis (inevitably forgetting one and getting a nasty note because of it), updating cards with online merchants, and memorizing a new number.

Thankfully the memorizing part went well this time: I had my new number burned into my memory within an hour thanks to some easy-to-remember numbers.

But something interesting happened the other day when I ordered online. Earlier this week, I ordered 99 “essential classical” songs for $8 (thanks, Pinger COD!) through Amazon’s MP3 store. I forgot to update my billing information with them and placed my order without realizing this fact. Yet, the order went through and I got my MP3s.

And then, this morning, I got an e-mail notifying me that because my card was declined, my order had been cancelled.

Um. What?

Paul suggested I send the 99 MP3s back to Amazon and apologize. Or put them on cassette and mail them back.

I went to Amazon and updated my card info, but here’s the thing: it’s kind of a pain to get in touch with Amazon to make sure everything’s cool with my account. Maybe I should complain on Twitter?

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