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May 30th, 2009

Hulu Desktop

Earlier this month, we dropped our DirecTV subscription altogether. Our TV entertainment has been provided by Netflix, Netflix streaming, Hulu, and a handful of content-specific sites who don’t use Hulu. It’s been pretty nice overall – and an update will come at some point after the one-month mark – but there’s been one source of frustration: not being able to use my darned remote control.

Hulu Desktop looks like it’ll fill in that gap nicely for that site’s content. Sure, sure, it explains why Hulu has been so hostile towards Boxee, and that still sucks. But the app itself is pretty well polished and operates nicely. It feels a little less rough around the edges than Boxee, to me, and I like that.

Hulu is careful to sell it as a “lean back” experience versus a “this is going to replace TV and kill off the main source of revenue for all of our content providers” experience… but let’s be honest here: this is for media center computers.

Anyone else try it out and think it’s great, too? Or not?

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