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June 17th, 2009

Riding the bus

Pinger Dave recently (like, um, 15 minutes ago) tweeted that he was in a Greyhound bus station for the first time in ten years. Which got me to thinking about riding buses.

In college, I used to ride the bus somewhat frequently to get back home for vacation. There were a few too many bad experiences, usually tied to the transfer at the station in DC. The bus was also my primary method of getting from my parents’ place in NJ to NYC. It was cheap ($30ish round trip) and fast. Never had a problem there. The most recent time I took the bus was about five years ago on a trip to NY from DC. Again, it was cheap, only $35 round trip (plus the money to get to the bus station via the Metro) and was uneventful. I’ve never braved the Chinatown buses.

When was the last time you took a Greyhound?

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