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June 16th, 2009

Motion-Activated Freezer Cases

You know, we won’t have flying cars by 2010. It’s sad but true. Instead, we’ve got motion-activated freezer cases.

Apparently it’s nothing new but it’s new to me. Our local Target was remodeled to include a small but serviceable grocery section. While there the other day I was walking down a frozen food aisle and noticed that the lights on the case at the end of the aisle turned off. I figured something went wrong – of course! – but my intelligent wife corrected me.

The cases turn off their lights when no one is sensed as being nearby. And when one is, the LED lighting – of course it’s LED – comes back on, all by itself.

It’s a little thing really, but think about how many light bulbs there are in traditional freezer cases… and now how much money that store will save just by having this little motion detector in place. It’s very neat… and it’s too bad they don’t fly.

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