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November 15th, 2009

Sansa Clip Plus

I’ve had a number of MP3 players through the years, all made by Creative or Cowan (iaudio). My everyday player recently got to the point where it was unusable; the battery compartment wouldn’t stay closed and the “hold” switch wouldn’t stay, so I’d deal with frequent premature shut-offs.

I looked around and opted for a very inexpensive Sansa Clip Plus 4gb device after seeing a lot of good reviews. After spending a few days with it, I can honestly say, you get an awful lot for your $40. The big pluses:

  • It’s super tiny. Like “cute” tiny.
  • The UI is surprisingly usable. The screen is small, but there’s very little waste in the UI, so it’s nice and easy to browse your music. Cruft is minimal.
  • It’s expandable using MicroSDHC cards, so for another $40, I’d have 20 gigs storage in the same small footprint.
  • Supposedly, audio quality is among the best across all MP3 players. (It can handle FLAC files, too.)
  • It starts quickly, the battery lasts a long time, and it charges with a simple USB connection.
  • It can remember where you are in multiple podcasts and audiobooks.

So, bravo for the new day-to-day MP3 workhorse: the Sansa Clip Plus.

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