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December 21st, 2009

Holiday Tipping

“Tipping” is the incorrect term, from what I’ve read, but I want to ask a quick question or two about the “little something extra” you may give out at the holidays. I know it’s normal to give a small gift to mail carriers (but no cash and nothing more than $20 in value, as they can’t accept it), but as I was double-check what it’s appropriate to give some other service people at the holidays, I was surprised to see that apparently people tip their garbageman. First of all, really? I mean, not that they don’t deserve it — they do — but I would be surprised if the same set of people come around two weeks in a row, so do you know who you’re really tipping? And how would you even leave them something? Tape it to the trash can in an envelope labeled “GIFT MONEY – DO NOT STEAL,” as suggested by my co-Pinger?

So, question #1: have you ever tipped your waste disposal specialist?

Question #2: are there any service people you feel guilty for not tipping/gifting around the holidays?

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