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December 5th, 2010

The Walking Dead

As a zombie fan of over 20 years, I stuck it out through the myriad zombie films that came out in the wake of what can only be called the Zombie Overload of the early 2000s. Sure, it was kind of neat to see the undead take on appeal in mainstream America, but it got a bit tired after a while. Not zombies, mind you, but the zombie film. Even the father of the modern zombie film started making some really, really awful crap.

Thankfully, 2010 brought us the excellent The Walking Dead series on AMC. And the reason some people are complaining about it is the same reason I love it: it’s kind of slow. Most zombie films take on a short span of time and people trying to survive that period while being attacked. Basically, getting trapped in a _____, trying to keep the zombies out. Dawn of the Dead managed to capture the passing of time well, but most other films kept their focus to a few days. The Walking Dead takes time to consider what day-to-day life would be like in the days between the start of the zombie epidemic and either the “end” or society figuring out a way to live with some degree of normalcy again. There are challenges, interpersonal conflicts, and thankfully, some really solid gore for a TV show.

The direction and cinematography is spot on, too.

I’m glad the show will be back for a second season because I definitely enjoyed the first.

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