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March 18th, 2011

Amazon Marketplace: Still Crazy After All These Years

A few years back, I wrote about the glorious act of selling stuff on Amazon Marketplace. For my money, it remains the easiest way to quickly part with stuff on the net. Way better than eBay for me. Here’s why.

First, as was the case a few years ago, if you price your item as the lowest then it will sell pretty quickly. This has been the case with everything I’ve sold from old iPods to DVDs to cameras. Of course you have to generally be okay with selling at the lowest price but, these aren’t collectibles that I’m selling here. If I undercut someone by a buck, it doesn’t bug me.

Second, listing is easy. Putting an item on eBay just feels like a stupid big chore. Amazon in contrast has a simple one-page form. You rate the condition, provide details, price it, and choose shipping options. Easy peasy.

Third, I’ve yet to have a bad experience collecting money on Amazon. I did nearly lose several hundred dollars a few years back to a scammer on eBay; he bought my wife’s old iBook, and then magically had problems with PayPal and shipping. It was a big mess. While I haven’t sold anything that expensive on Amazon yet, I feel a little more confident in their process.

All told I’m very pleased with my Amazon Marketplace experiences. Don’t count them out.

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