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April 16th, 2011

Goodbye, Sunrise Earth

One of the few HD programs I enjoy on Discovery HD Theater is Sunrise Earth. It’s a simple program:

The series focuses on presenting the viewer with sunrises in various geographical locations throughout the world. It is also notable for its complete lack of human narration, concentrating instead on the natural sounds of each episodes’ specific location.

Of course this probably doesn’t sell well anymore, so Discovery is killing off the entire channel and replacing it with Velocity, which will target 35-54 year old men with annual incomes of over $150k. Yes, a wildly underserved demographic: rich middle-aged men! And you can bet that rich men don’t want to watch hour-long shows focusing on sunsets. Pffft! We need CARS!

“From multimillion-dollar auctions and incredible auto makeovers to high-stakes gaming and insider guides to “the good life,” Velocity will touch on all the subjects that appeal to the upscale man,” Discovery said of its new channel.

I can’t wait until there’s a reality show about private jets! You know it’s coming! And a show about humidors! That can’t be far behind either.

I also expect this channel will have a buttload of Just for Men and Viagra commercials.

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