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October 2nd, 2008

HD Redux

Not terribly long ago I opined that I wasn’t against getting an HDTV at some point in the future; rather I was concerned about the increased recurring costs to support it.

Two months later and we’ve got an HDTV set and HD service through DirecTV. Opps!

The reasons for going HD are my own, but I’d like to tell you something: HDTV really is quite lovely. Exquisite, even. We’ve had it for a whopping three days and the difference in picture quality is stunning. Even SD on our HD looked better.

A prime example was last night’s Cubs game, which (unfortunately) my wife wanted to watch. The “you are there” feel was in full force, particularly when TBS broadcast one shot from the third row of the first base side near home plate. I swear I could see the hot dog the guy in the first row had. And aerial shots were crispy, too, in that I could read signage on the Wrigley Field scoreboard from a full view of the park behind home plate. Pretty sweet.

Even regular ol’ shows like Law and Order: SVU and Pushing Daisies really do shine. I find that I’m sometimes taken out of a story because the picture looks just that good.

As far as entertainment goes, it’s nice.

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