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May 26th, 2011

America’s Next Not So Great Restaurant

One of the shows my wife and I enjoyed this past season was America’s Next Great Restaurant. While I didn’t watch every episode, and some of the ones I saw annoyed me (mostly Steve Ells,) it was still a nice enough concept and pretty neat.

Soul Daddy, a low-cal/low-fat soul food place, was the winner of the competition. Now that the restaurant is open, how’s it doing? Uh… well… hm. The MPLS reviews on Yelp are brutal. The LA ones are only slightly more kind, as are the Manhattan ones.

In short it seems like it’s Chipotle-like but with something kind of resembling soul food. Oh, and there’s no mac and cheese nor collard greens on the menu… so… yeah. It seems like a miss.

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