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October 2nd, 2011

Back to Work

It’s long overdue for me to a) post my Ping from yesterday and b) give a shout-out to Back to Work, the podcast featuring one Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin (who jams.)

I started listening a while back because I’ve been a Merlin Mann fan for years. Inbox Zero, 43 Folders, all that stuff sure sure sure. And we brought him in to talk when I worked at Orbitz, which was a thrill. But Back to Work hits the sweet spot between humor, geekiness, and talking about work. It’s not boring for sure, and these two guys get along so well, it’s much like hearing two good friends just talk smartly and intelligently for an hour or so.

The most recent episode discusses job interviews, and starts with Dan going down a list of questions from interviews… which points out the sheer absurdity of said interviews.

Get familiar with their work.

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