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October 6th, 2011

The Last Cookie Option

I was thrilled when an email went out at work yesterday saying that there was a bunch of leftover pizza, salad, and cookies available in our kitchen. I’d already eaten lunch but was in the mood for a little sweet and sure enough there were cookies.

Just a few remained, as a full hour had elapsed since the email was sent, but those few were almost all sugar cookies. There was a half of an oatmeal raisin and you’d better believe I took that oatmeal raisin cookie.

Listen. Sugar cookies are all right, but to me they’re the absolute last cookie option. Like, “I really need a cookie and there’s nothing else so oh well I guess I’ll have this sweet but mostly flavorless thing.” I’ve had good sugar cookies in the past but those are few and far between, frankly. These were just plain ol’ sugar cookies. No decorations, no frosting, nothing.

I bet you the Cookie Monster even pauses for a moment before eating a sugar cookie. I can imagine his thoughts. “ME WANT BETTER!” He’s not going to have this reaction for a sugar cookie:

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