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December 18th, 2011

Sometimes Google Voice is Hilarious

I’ve mostly stopped using Google Voice. But one of the companies still using my Voice number is my local CVS. I ordered a prescription refill with them yesterday, picked it up this morning, and received a reminder voicemail after I picked it up.

The transcript from Google Voice was… interesting.

Hello This is a courtesy call from C. V. S. Pharmacy 4 Paul. Yeah, go there. Bye. Yeah we are calling to inform you that your prescription order is available for pick up that C. V. S. Pharmacy located at. 7200 Western Mac Road North Riverside, Illinois. You may pick up your prescription at your earliest convenience, during normal business hours. Yeah it’s not too late to get your Florsheim bye yo shops are available every store every day. You know appointment is necessary. You get your flu shot when you pick up your prescription. Bye. Yeah, if you’ve already picked up your prescription. Please disregard this message. Bye. Yeah. Thank you for being a valued customer of C. V. S. Pharmacy. We look forward to serving you in the future. Yeah. Bye.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, go there. Bye.

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