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January 24th, 2012

Comcast’s On Demand kind of sucks.

We have Comcast primarily for high speed internet access. In our area, AT&T only goes up to 5Mbps – if you’re lucky – and with Comcast we’ve been primarily getting three to five times that. Not shabby.

Naturally we also have cable TV through Comcast and that’s all well and good, but the DVR is a piece of crap. It’s ugly, cumbersome, and was clearly “designed” by engineers. One of the key features is On Demand wherein one has access to a ton of shows and movies. In theory this sounds good. For instance, my wife and I just picked up Alcatraz (so far, not bad – willing to give it time) but we missed the second episode. Since On Demand often has the last episode of a show, this seemed like a perfect opportunity to catch it.

We loaded it up to find that, first, we couldn’t record two shows at once and watch On Demand. That makes no sense but… all right. Then we discovered that the first and second episodes were consolidated into one episode. Cool. We’ll just fast forward….

Oh. Wait. Fox disallows fast forwarding on this show.

And there are commercials. Which means I can’t fast forward through them at all.

Which means that I’m just going to miss the second episode.

What kind of stupid technology is that?

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