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April 28th, 2012

A little secret about Crate & Barrel

They’re not overpriced.


I grew up knowing very little about Crate & Barrel, but an easy assumption for me to make was that they sold expensive stuff. After all, they were placed in most of my area’s upscale malls: Woodfield, Oakbrook, Old Orchard. And that also meant I stayed away from them until my wife and I started amassing American Express points several years back.

Then we thought, “Let’s splurge!” and cashed in our points for Crate & Barrel gift cards. We soon found that while the store does have some things that are relatively expensive (furniture, mostly), a lot of the housewares are reasonably priced. Definitely not far off from some stuff at Target.

And anyone that uses that much Helvetica can’t be all bad.

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