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August 4th, 2012

Bits and Bytes

MetaFilter’s been a good place to be lately for olde tyme computer people like me, as the site recently discussed the 35th anniversary of the TRS-80 and the 30th anniversary of the C-64.

Almost more importantly, though, is that user i_have_a_computer mentioned the TV show Bits and Bytes. And sure enough, there it is on YouTube.

I remember this show, but just barely. I’m pretty sure it aired on PBS here in Chicago when I was growing up. Seeing the intro definitely flooded back memories and then the slow fade to the host in SUCH A FORMAL SETTING… whew. Yeah, I remembered that too. “Microcomputers… selling like hotcakes nowadays!”

There’s so much good stuff here. And it still blows my mind that this video that I haven’t seen in about 30 years or so is readily available on YouTube. Good times.

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