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August 13th, 2012

Physical book for ebook trade-ins

Here’s what I’d love to see from Amazon: a way to trade-in/sell a physical book through them and, as part of the transaction, get a Kindle version of the book to keep.


Well, I was thinking about a physical book that I own that I thought was OK, but I probably won’t re-read again. However, it is a good reference and worth having access to, especially since I’ve already paid for it. I’d like to get rid of the physical copy, but I’d rather not have to then repurchase it for $12.99 on the Kindle to have a referenceable, soft copy. If I could trade the book in and get $4 or 5 (less than 1/3rd of what I paid for it) plus a copy of the ebook, though, I’d consider it.

I haven’t even begun to crunch numbers to figure out what it would take to make this work for the end user, Amazon, and the author/publisher, but I do think it’s an idea worth investigating (assuming it hasn’t already been).

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