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August 18th, 2012

Work calendars are still hard

All right.

My company, like many before it, uses Outlook and Exchange for scheduling of meetings, booking rooms, and email. And yet the UI for Outlook still seems to be a confusing mess.

There are times when, in Outlook, a coworker has inadvertently deleted an entire meeting series because it wasn’t clear to him he was doing so. So, he needed to rebook the whole thing. And while I’ve tried using Apple Calendar (née iCal) in lieu of Outlook, it has traditionally made editing appointments a giant pain in the rear… and has sent out invitations when I haven’t asked it to do so. Very annoying.

Google Calendar is, perhaps, closest to solving this whole problem. But I never personally could get behind its clunky, sparse interface. It felt like something was really missing.

It seems like a simple problem to solve: people, places, times. But I’m not sure we’ve solved it, yet.

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