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September 19th, 2012

Mystery book purchases from the past… revealed!

Tonight I was cleaning in our basement and in an old, old wallet tucked deep away in a box that’s moved with me who knows how many times, I found a receipt from 12/14/1991 from B. Dalton Bookstore #312 in the Cherry Hill Mall. I was in ninth grade. The receipt read:

0-89909-235-7   3.95
0-395-59673-4   8.95
1-55704-092-3   9.95

Recognizing those numbers as ISBNs, I did a quick search and found that I purchased:

  1. The Old Farmer’s Almanac 1992 (a yearly Christmas gift for my Dad)
  2. Information Please Sports Almanac 1992 (another gift? probably.)
  3. Words of Martin Luther King (no idea who this was for)

Apparently, at the time I was all about giving the gift of statistics and other enlightening information.

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