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January 20th, 2000


Back when I started using geoWrite and geoPublish on my Commodore 64C, I started buying fonts. Fonts are fun. Fonts are unique, and fonts let you play. I’ve even taken a chance at designing a few of them – and about five fonts got published on Loadstar back in the day.

My love of fonts really came about when Win95 was released, since it was a good deal easier to use and install fonts. Now I’ve got something like 200 fonts or so available to me, and I have tons of disk space to go. hee hee hee.

This semester, I decided to take Introduction to Typography and Letterforms, figuring that I could learn even more about these things that I like so much. Typefaces are pretty in a certain way, and they take quite a bit of talent to create. Of course, as readers of my site will attest to, I learned almost nothing in said class due to a poor teacher. But here’s something positive. Our final project had to showcase a font that we chose, by any contemporary designer. I elected to use SF Technodelight, which was designed by ShyFonts Type Foundry. The font is really, really cool. It’s beautiful.

After a full semester of Typography, here is what I can tell you: it’s really great looking. And that’s about what I could’ve told you before the semester, too. – pm

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