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January 29th, 2000

What a World We Live In

On the Don and Mike Show this week I heard a frightening story. Apparently there was a man who was handcuffed and being transported to the police station. On the way, his handcuffs broke and he used the sharp part of the handcuff not to inflict any injury on the police officer, but rather to cut open his own stomach. He then started to tug at his innards, trying to pull them out. When the officer tried to subdue him, the suspect attempt to — get this — throw his intestines at the police officer. It took seven policeman to get the man down and take him into custody.

Even scarier, this was the third time he had cut himself after being arrested. The first two times he had used a plastic fork and a comb.

You can read more about this fine American in this Detroit Free Press article. -ram

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