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February 5th, 2000

Nanogratification? I don’t think so.

After my tirade on businesses with stupid names, I came across a new company with a name that caught my eye: Nanogratification, tagline: “Happy customers in 1-billionth the time.” Cool.

Until I went to their web site, that is. Turns out there is no more inappropriate of a name for this company than “Nanogratification.” First strike: their web site didn’t work in Opera. Second strike: rather than getting right to the point, it brings up a splash page requiring you to click on the logo which pops up a window (which drives me nuts). Third strike: it brings up a Flash demo that takes a while to load. And hey, let’s give them a fourth strike, too: they just don’t GET TO THE POINT. I sat and stared at the mind-numblingly bland presentation and eventually gave up because I had no clue what the hell this company did. I hate to think how much these guys paid for a full-page spread in The Industry Standard, not to mention how much they paid a marketing and design firm to design their web site. Likely response from this ad: very little. And certainly much less than it should have been considering the creative name. -ram

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