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February 16th, 2000

Let’s end Star Trek.

As a preface, I don’t consider myself a die-hard Trek fan of any kind. I like the show – that is, The Next Generation – and I watched every episode on Saturday night over at my friend’s house while eating pizza and drinking soda. (Is there any better way to start a Saturday night?)

I sat and watched as The Next Generation begot Deep Space Nine. I tried watching it, and gave up after six episodes. It just didn’t hold my interest, although it seemed to be popular with a good number of people. Today, of course, we’ve got Voyager, perhaps the worst Trek series in – well, forever.

Voyager suffers from a number of problems. The first of which is the plot itself – the ship is lost in space and won’t make it back home for a very large number of years. This means that no matter how hard the crew tries, they won’t get home this week. Sure, they may contact home, but they can’t get there – it’d end the show. The second strike comes from the obvious Political Correctness used in casting the show. While The Next Generation had a healthy assortment of people ranging from African-American to Asian to French to Caucasian, Voyager tries far too hard to say, "We’re getting all ethnic groups in this show, or bust!" It goes to the point where every single major character on the show must have something unique about him or her; no one is just an average person. And darn it, I want an average person on the show. I don’t want some guy who’s been through hell and back. And even moreso, no more kids! Please! Please!

Over the past few months, it’s been speculated that another Trek series would air. Please, please, please don’t do it. The entire mystique that was Trek is gone, because a bunch of money-grubbing suits at Viacom forced it out. Then again, money makes the world go round. -pm

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