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March 3rd, 2000

You Can’t Do That on Television!

With all the recent talk about classic 80’s TV shows (both Paul and I have had at least one entry in the last month mentioning them), one that’s been overlooked is Nickelodeon’s You Can’t Do That on Television! I used to be obsessed with this show and had all but forgotten when I saw it as part of a Nickelodeon advertising montage (odd since they haven’t aired the show in years). Here are what I can remember about it:

  • Lisa talked too much.
  • They always ate at Barth’s restaurant, and when they’d talk about him, he’d say “D’Iiiiiii heard that!”
  • Saying “I Don’t Know” would get you green slimed
  • Saying “Water” would get water dumped on your head
  • Moose always got shafted
  • Les Lye played multiple parts (Blip, El Capitan, the nasty old director, the disgusting father — whose name was “Mr. Prevert”, the gross chef…)
  • Vanessa had big glasses.
This show was great — I’d love to see some old episodes again. I think I have some on tape somewhere.

And I found this incredible site. Some things I forgot/didn’t know:

  • The show ran for 20 years!
  • Alanis Morrissette got her start on the show.
  • There’s an actual recipe for slime.
  • Christine (Moose) wore a wig because her hair was “too punk”…
  • An episode dealing with adoption was banned after its first airing
This site is going to kill my weekend… -ram

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FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday March 3, 2000 -- 2:06:59PM
RYAN! God bless you. I was just talking about YCDTOTV two DAYS ago; Barth actualy started it off. Incredible. I loved that show, and grew up on it back when Nickelodeon was only on the air during the day. Les Lye was incredible.

We need this show on television. I actually don't care if it's on a channel I don't get right now (AT&T Cable, bah) but... kids NEED to see this.

I'll be spending my time on that site too. :)

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday March 3, 2000 -- 11:22:59PM
When I was about 7 or 8 my dad actually banned my little brother and I was watching the show because he thought it was "too gross". Much like his later ban of MTV we obeyed for a few weeks but later all was forgotten and things were back to normal.

The funny thing about this is that I've met at least 2 other people who received the same command from their parents about YCDTOTV. It's odd to think that show lasted as long as it did when their must have been so much hatred of it by (at least American) parents. What was up? I don't know!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday March 3, 2000 -- 11:56:43PM
I remember having a couple friends that weren't allowed to watch it when they were over. Fortunately, my parents didn't choose to fight that battle with me, but they did have a problem with me listening to Twisted Sister when I was in 4th grade. :)

FROM: Matt
DATE: Saturday March 4, 2000 -- 1:03:19PM
My friend James who went to Florda State for a few years had a guy in his dorm freshman year with at least 20 tapes filled with episodes. He said through his freshman year he watched all of the tapes.
Luckily Ryan was right about having an episode on tape, man they had some suggestive and testy subjects ahead of their time. Still one of the most creative shows of all time along with Pee Wee's Playhouse.
I may try and get ahold of a collection of sepisodes through the net.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Tuesday March 7, 2000 -- 6:32:28PM
Wow -- check this out...

It's a new online show called "How'd That Get Online" that looks like an animated version of You Can't Do That... Interestingly, it's brought to us by the same great folks that did YCDTOTV.Com.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday April 24, 2000 -- 9:44:45AM
Here's a neat snippet. One of my friends knows someone in a band... they've named themselves Alasdair.

FROM: Jeff
DATE: Tuesday April 25, 2000 -- 7:30:44PM
Seeing everyone loves to talk about great 80's show's, does anyone remember that classic math show called Square One? Talk about an all time classic, I just loved Mathnet

FROM: Zlata
DATE: Friday April 28, 2000 -- 12:38:50AM
I LOVED THIS SHOW SO MUCH!!! i don't even know why they took it off the air. What i also can't remember is WHERE WAS ALANIS MORISETTE???

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday April 28, 2000 -- 2:56:37PM
Zlata -- Alanis Morisette played herself (as just about all the characters did)... there's a page on the site about her.

FROM: pistol jack
DATE: Wednesday May 3, 2000 -- 10:13:17PM
wow, my parents didn't want me watching this show either, so i would go over to my grandmother's house to watch it. she didn't know my parents didn't want me to. also, square one was awesome. mathnet...incredible! what were they'er names? one was named "Monday" and everyone was always like "no, it's tuesday" or whatever day it was. great show, great site!

FROM: aa_ycdtotv
DATE: Friday February 23, 2001 -- 5:49:40AM is dedicated to the fans of the excellent canadian TV show
"You Cant Do That On Television"
Enjoy the pictures from the show
( )
and the memories will come back.
Green slime, I don't know, Barth, opposit sketches, water, Ross' Egg-O-Rama, young Alanis Morissette, Christine McGlade, Christian Tessier, Abby Hagyard, Les Lye, Kevin Kubusheskie, Matthew Godfrey, Adam Reid, Lisa Ruddy, Klea Scott, Alasdair Gillis, ...

FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday February 23, 2001 -- 10:47:11PM
Remember when Alasdair Gillis was pre-teen? Back in the day, my friends and I used to think he was soooo cute!! And then when he hit puberty and his body went haywire? Icky-poo!

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday February 24, 2001 -- 1:46:51PM
aa -- I really dig which is why I linked it up in the original Ping. :)

I haven't stopped by recently... I'll have to take a peek and see what's new there.

DATE: Wednesday June 13, 2001 -- 3:47:11PM
you can't

FROM: Paul
DATE: Wednesday June 13, 2001 -- 4:52:19PM that on television. Yes, we know.

FROM: Hooligan
DATE: Thursday August 16, 2001 -- 12:34:50PM
the show was da shit! man I can undersytand how some parents were scared of this show. cause some of the humor was borderline sick. Barth burger's skits was for example to be gross out puking hunor. I'm glad that the show wasn't done in the 90's cause this show was ahead of time when it come taking some bit of risk. the locker room skits were funny even if the jokes were pretty much lame. I get kick out of Christine gettimg annoyed when people kept calling her Moose. by the way I was shocked that one scene made it on the air was Moose long skirt was being blown up (l.e. marylin Monroe) on an spisode called Safety First. man I don't know how they got away with that one scene but just made some young boys smiling. unfortionatly I never watch the the show after 85 due to the fact I have gotten older and the show was getting stale because I got sick of it. so I missed the last 4 seasons of the show. meaning I never seen 1986, 87, 89, and 90.

DATE: Wednesday January 30, 2002 -- 1:34:09 pm
Aah, YCDTOTV... what can I say about a show that glorified bodily functions and tested the limits of children's shows... I loved it. I loved the way slime made it unhealthy to say 'I don't know'. I couldn't wait to see the skits with Barth and the firing squad. Alanis must feel a certain joy knowing that she was part of such a tribute to being gross. Ya know, its really too bad that its not on anymore, I used to get lots of my material from the locker jokes.

FROM: courtney
DATE: Tuesday February 12, 2002 -- 11:45:50 pm
I love the show You can't do that on tv, I hope I can find the episode videos somewhere

FROM: Courtney
DATE: Friday February 15, 2002 -- 11:49:00 pm
I have always loved Alasdair! even back when the show was on. I feel really obsessed with him!!

FROM: Courtney
DATE: Saturday June 29, 2002 -- 6:38:52 pm
I'm obsessed with Alasdair. He's my lovebug in my dream world. My dedication song to him is the song "Into the Night" by Benny Mardones.

FROM: Micah
DATE: Thursday August 1, 2002 -- 6:07:54 pm
Yo, I thought me and my sister were the only ones who watched, let alone remembered that damn show!!! i'm only 18, but as a youngster (3-5 years old) growin' up in philly, i had to watch something right? That show kicked major ass, and i came to this site to see if anyone could tell me how and where i can get the tapes to that show, i swear i would buy ALL of them. they need to bring back shows like that, the one with joey from full house, who always said " cut it out" with the girl with the ong nails, mr. wizard, urika's castle, mya the bee, david the gnome, all that shit, yeah, alot of you are talking about being in the 4th grade and watching that show and loving it well, i was in kidnergarten, and 1rst grade watching it, and loved it the same. if you have any info about where and/or how i could get the tapes of that show, email me at Please!!!!

FROM: Sarah
DATE: Monday August 12, 2002 -- 10:02:08 pm
Does anyone remember the nickelodeon show years ago that started with a man walking through the woods playing a jews harp, then he crawled through a log? There was a word bird and they would sing all these queer songs, I used to watch it like 13 or 14 years ago. I NEED to know the name of it. It has been driving me insane....

FROM: Joe Revees
DATE: Tuesday August 13, 2002 -- 1:54:53 pm
Sarah, I kinda remember something like that and I'm pretty sure it was called Fred Penner's Place. All I really remember was they always sang this happy feet song.

FROM: Samantha
DATE: Monday October 21, 2002 -- 9:36:39 am
I really enjoyed Nickelodeon back in the day. I think they need to make another channel that plays some of the old shows because I know there are alot of us that would watch these shows. I think they are way better than some of those played today, although I love Sponge Bob Square Pants I honestly believe that none of the shows today can match up to those in the past. You Can't Do That On TV kicked butt, also Camp Onawana (however you spell it), the gnomes and mya the bee.
I think that maybe we should start a petition requesting that they at least put on reruns of some of these shows or sell them as series collections.

FROM: Samantha
DATE: Monday October 21, 2002 -- 9:38:46 am
Oh and if anyone knows where I can get episodes of these shows, especially You Can't Do That On Television please email me at
Please let me know.

FROM: chamber zane [E-Mail]
DATE: Wednesday October 23, 2002 -- 12:34:22 am
camp anawana (which i think was the spelling) was a show called 'salute your shorts'.. oh, and thanks for telling me about fred penner's place.. that's been driving me nuts, too.

FROM: Felisha
DATE: Sunday November 17, 2002 -- 8:38:43 pm
Please somebody help me find pictures of Mya the Bee, i loved that show, when i was like in pre-school, if anybody has any info on mya the bee, and any more old nick shows, please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it, thanks alot!!

FROM: Mike K.
DATE: Tuesday December 10, 2002 -- 8:03:00 pm
It's too bad that the BBC never obtained rights to You Can't Do That On Television; you know that the Beeb would have DVD's of at least the first several seasons available by now.

FROM: Damien Service
DATE: Wednesday December 18, 2002 -- 9:38:44 pm
A little while back I set up a petition @ Petition Online ( to encourage fans of the show to sign it in the hope that Nickelodeon, both in America and on its international affiliates, bring back this classic series.

I would encourage everyone who visits this site and who has friends who enjoyed this classic kids programme to sign it in the hope that we can sway Nick into either showing re-runs or to bring out new episodes.

FROM: Tony
DATE: Saturday January 25, 2003 -- 1:15:41 am
This was the first TV kids' show I had ever seen that wasn't trying to sell me a product or teach me a lesson.

FROM: SailorMoonFan
DATE: Saturday January 25, 2003 -- 3:39:25 pm

FROM: niceone bruvver
DATE: Sunday April 20, 2003 -- 11:03:58 pm
i sooooooo need pics or episodes of mya the bee. if anyone has info, let me know??i know im 29 but in australia they didnt show mya until i was 12/13. noone believes me that the show exists!!

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday April 21, 2003 -- 12:29:31 pm
Let's see.

Ping topic: "You Can't Do That on Television!"
Your comment topic: "I need a picture of Mya the Bee."

And if you're really 29, wow, you type like you're 10.

FROM: Patrick Osborn
DATE: Wednesday June 25, 2003 -- 5:28:18 pm
There are quite a few episodes you can download on Kazaa. I have found some and watched them. You can't imagine what memories come back to you when you wantch the show. I even remembered some of the episodes. This show was the all-time kids show.

FROM: matthew [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday August 31, 2003 -- 10:14:22 pm
i do want get slimed with christine mcglade corverd of green slime of the without the slime index

DATE: Wednesday September 10, 2003 -- 11:44:51 am
Fred Penner was the gayest show ever.
Mysterious cities of gold was the shiznit!! that was like "my stories" when i was four.
and, girl named courtney, i'll fight you for Alasdair!!!!!!!!!!!! he's still fine even now that he's bald.

FROM: Chris Sullivan
DATE: Friday October 3, 2003 -- 11:48:07 pm
What I remember MOST about YOU Cant do that on TeleVISION is first and formost MOOSE...she was the BEST host i have ever seen and I can hardly remember it now because i'm 28 (almost 29) and i think i was 10 or 11 when i was watching it. But it was all about Moose, and Lisa Ruddy, and Aladair Gillis, and Keven Kubachesky and Venessa and little Dougie...I don't really remember any other kids but i'll tell you this...whoever that adult guy and girl were they were some of the GREATEST character actors i have EVER had the pleasure to watch! I couldn't even tell the guy was the same guy from scene to scene! And the woman was such a great mom and librarian, i still think about some scenes when i'm at work and chuckle...It was brilliant, pure and simple. Of Course this is nostalgia, is anybody on this site that is writing not gripped by it? I must have jumped the ship before alanis came on the show because it was a shock for me to hear that she had been on it after "jagged little pill" (I wasn't the biggest fan of that, although i LOVED her second and third albums!!!) I guess the point is that Moose lives in my heart and i can still hear and feel her getting slimed, then watered, the slimed, then watered, the asking for an aspirin to help her pnuemonia!!! I hope all of the people on that great show went on to do great things because they were so influential to so many kids here and we all still remember them fondly!! Although that skit with Barth warming the hamburger in his armpit made me puke and still does - SO GROSS!!! Jesus help us! Moose ROCK ON I will always love you...


Chris Sullivan (in pittsburgh, your greatest fan...


FROM: Miguel
DATE: Friday October 24, 2003 -- 6:15:40 pm
you can get some episodes at They get refreshed every month I think...enjoy. I did.

FROM: lynna
DATE: Tuesday November 11, 2003 -- 2:58:42 pm
please someone tell me how to get video's or dvd's of ycdtotv. I loved that show and would appreciate the help.

FROM: Xander
DATE: Wednesday December 24, 2003 -- 1:15:53 pm
I know that this whole "thread" was started in 2000, but I just now found it.

I remember a couple episodes that have not been listed yet though. I rememeber one time when a girl got up in the night to use the bathroom and she flushed the toilet. Her mother came in there and told her not to because it wakes everyone up in the house.

And then I remember one where the each family member kicked another one out of the bathroom because they said, "Sorry I have to go number 3." And the son would say, "Oh, okm you better go!" The dad would come in "Sorry, I have to go number 4." as he proceeded to pop a pimple in the mirror.

I am only 18. But I remember these shows.

FROM: David
DATE: Tuesday January 6, 2004 -- 4:21:36 pm
The only thing that I remember about that show is that they always talked about smelly feet.

FROM: kristin
DATE: Wednesday January 7, 2004 -- 3:42:14 am
I so remember that show!! the only episode i can remember about it is an episode where the family is sitting down at the table and their dinner is a plate of boogers, and they start eating it!
I also remember Mya The Bee. i loved that show! and another show that rocked azz was 'Hey Dude'

FROM: Jackson
DATE: Wednesday February 4, 2004 -- 5:44:56 am
This show is excellent, one of my favorite shows in my entire life and one that definitely helped to shape me and my sense of humor into what it is today, and everything else everyone said above. I've found some eps on Kaaza, but am hoping to find more. My mom was perhaps in the small minority of parents who would sit and watch this show with me occasionally and laugh. Les Lye and Abby Haggard(?) were great, and I remember always hoping that Barth would be coming up in the next sketch. If you do download these episodes today, check out the dad closely. It's the human embodiment of Homer Simpson, years before the Simpsons ever aired. And who didn't touch the screen during the "technology" episode with the voting buttons.

One of the moments I remember that I haven't found yet still cracks me up. During an episode about saving things and conserving, Mom tells Christine that she can only use five sqaures of toilet paper instead of the usual ten. Christine wondered how in the world she could do that, and Mom said "It's easy, just use both sides."

I also remember a Thanksgiving dinner in which the Mom offered "light, dark or green meat."

FROM: Cheryl
DATE: Tuesday February 17, 2004 -- 9:26:36 pm
This was the best show!
If you look on Ebay, there are many episodes for auction on DVD.

FROM: amia
DATE: Sunday March 7, 2004 -- 1:35:58 am
does anyone remember mya the bee?

FROM: Nikki
DATE: Saturday February 12, 2005 -- 1:21:55 am
It's late, I'm searching the internet after telling my 15 year old lil sis about my childhood and how television(esp Nicklodeon) was so much better! I come across this page and the memories come back even more. I almost fogot about that show(YCDTOT)!! Thanks guys!

FROM: Crazy Dude
DATE: Sunday February 13, 2005 -- 12:41:03 am
hah "maya the bee" great cartoon. nice little theme song

FROM: ash
DATE: Sunday February 27, 2005 -- 8:11:20 pm
hello all fans this show was one of the great kids shows to be made , just to let anyone know, i have 148 episodes on a 18 dvd set, if your interested in buying a set , please let me know

FROM: Marcus
DATE: Sunday June 19, 2005 -- 9:56:07 pm
I have seen this show at (has no full episodes anymore for downloading) & YCDTOTV.COM.

FROM: Josh Blaize
DATE: Friday July 15, 2005 -- 8:46:15 pm
Heck Yeah!, I think You Can't Do That On Television is a really cool show. I want to get all of the seasons of You Can't Do That On Television on DVD. It is messed up, that they did have to take You Can't Do That On Television off the air, in 1994. They should even release this show on VHS tapes too, as well. DVD players have the attendency to freeze, and then you have to reset the DVD player. VCR's don't freeze as much. A VHS tape does not even skip, whenever you play it. The name Christine always reminds me of You Can't Do That On Television. The show You Can't Do That On Television needs to go back on TV again! P.S. Josh Blaize

FROM: girlygirl
DATE: Monday March 20, 2006 -- 7:19:47 pm
hahaha it is so funny that so many of you weren't allowed to watch YCDTOTV because i wasn't allowed to watch it either. it's so funny that our parents banned us from such a show

lithiumfx October 16, 2006, 1:27 pm

I found this website, and it has more stuff on it like YCDTOTV. Other show’s I’d long forgotten from the 80’s.

go visit retrojunk, it has every show i swear!!

Mike M November 1, 2008, 5:46 am

hahaha, I remember this show! This web site:

has a few episodes available free over the net. I BARELY even remembered the show a couple of days ago when searching for old nick shows. In fact, I didn’t even remember the NAME of the show when I saw it. I was like “huh, I don;t remember that show.” Then I started watching, and all of my old forgetten child-hood memories started coming back.

I remember my older brother (I am currently 25, he’s 30) would be allowed to stay up and watch this show, but I always had to go to bed. I would sometimes sneek out of my room, go downstairs, and watch that show with him. We would also watch Married with Children as well, which is another show I was “banned” from watching.

BTW: The factory of kids heads, and seeing them get dumped out a faucet into a bus, I remember that always kind of scared me 🙂

paola April 7, 2009, 11:18 am

I had a pet rabbit that i named after Alasdair Gillis (Alasdair Loppy- a lop-eared bunny). The rabbit lived from 1987-1996- long after the show stopped airing.
You could say I was a fan and maybe had a crush! : )

Susan Pappalardo March 28, 2010, 5:46 pm

I was just watching the 2020 Kids Choice Awards and realized that all those kids in the audience wasn’t even born when You Can’t Do That On Television was airing on a fledgling kids network called Nickolodeon! Nick she bring it back for these kids!

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