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March 29th, 2000

Evenworse. Dot com.

A couple years back, Acses debuted as one of the first price-comparison bots on the web, allowing you to compare book prices at over 25 online retailers. Since then, more comprehensive solutions, such as Mysimon have popped up. And in the last six months, Acses has changed its name twice.

The first move was to DealPilot. Not a bad name — a little easier to remember than the awkwardly-spelled “Acses.” But then, for whatever reason, they changed their name again to, get this: “EvenBetter.” What?! Who was the genius behind this change? EvenBetter than what? I just don’t get it. They certainly don’t have the marketing machine behind them that they need to push a name like this into the mainstream, so I can’t quite figure out why they’d go with something as unintuitive as EvenBetter. The only thing I can think is that they didn’t want to sound so similar to their opposition, the newcomer DealTime (which sucks, BTW).

The fact remains that for comparing book prices online, EvenBetter is still probably the best, but the confusion surrounding their corporate identity can’t be a good sign. -ram

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