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April 13th, 2000

Sticker Books

Sticker books were an interesting phenomenon of the 1980’s. While my younger sister had a few of the smelly-sticker books, I recently ran across the ones that I collected as a youngster in the early 80’s: sports sticker books.

I don’t know how popular they were — I remember a few other friends collecting with me — but I ran across baseball sticker books from 1981-1983 (including duplicates of one year because I filled one book and started on a second) and I believe a football sticker book or two. The stickers themselves were just a tad smaller than baseball cards and had similar pictures. Some were even “foils” (the fancy ones!).

Each page of the sticker book was dedicated to a team and the goal was to collect packs of stickers and fill up the book. It was a pretty cool fad, really, and wasn’t all that expensive at the time, either. -ram

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