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April 14th, 2000

Who Pings? iPing, daily.

OK, here’s your assignment: go to (a free wake-up/reminder service via the web) and go to “Take a test drive.” Listen to the full message, especially the very last phrase. -ram

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FROM: Old Fezziwig
DATE: Friday April 14, 2000 -- 8:28:48AM
Damn, someone took my idea...
I'm always 2 steps behind...
-Old Fezz

FROM: Viren
DATE: Friday April 14, 2000 -- 11:42:11AM
Did I miss something? They called me up and I heard a normal message about the various features


FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday April 14, 2000 -- 1:45:29PM
Ah, but did you listen to the very last phrase?

FROM: Viren
DATE: Sunday April 16, 2000 -- 9:21:02AM
Hmmm...can't remember what it was, but
obviously the significance escaped me.

-- vrs

FROM: Pong Pung
DATE: Tuesday April 18, 2000 -- 9:47:51PM
Their who make me in questionair?????#%#@@%^^&&

FROM: Maria
DATE: Friday April 14, 2006 -- 12:47:53 pm
I don't recall ever reading this one the first time around, but you'll be happy to know that I just checked it today and six years later you can still enhance your life with a daily ping.

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